Philadelphia is home to some of the last remaining urban riding stables in the United States. It’s history goes back to a long tradition.By the 1950’s horse-drawn carriages in major cities in the United States of America were replaced by trucks. The people who worked with the horses tended to be African Americans and a lot of these people had a love for their horses so they kept their animals even though they could not use them as working animals anymore. That is the birth of the Urban Riding culture in Philadelphia. What once started as a traditional cowboy community now mixed up with influences of modern times in Philadelphia’s ghettos.


Bombay Flying Club mentee Ann Sophie Lindström collaborated with Verse to extend her award winning short documentary into an interactive format:


“The Verse player allows the story to expand. There are so many great interview parts from the horsemen that did not make it in to the linear story due to dramaturgy and now they get a chance to be heard in the Q&A session. The additional photo slideshow is another enrichment to the story. Pictures that may need more explication can be shown here with a caption.I am very grateful to being able to publish “Don´t fence me in” with Verse and to give the Urban Horsemen from Fletcher Street a possibility to tell their story.”

Photography, Video and Sound: Ann Sophie Lindström

Editing: Ann Sophie Lindström

Mentoring: Uwe H. Martin & Frauke Huber

Music: Danger Dan + Antilopen Gang

Production: Bombay Flying Club in collaboration with Verse

With special thanks to: Jordan Bullock, Jamil Prattis, Donnell Glenn

Supported by: Bourse CNA ( centre national de l´audiovisuel ) – Aide à la création et à la diffusion en photographie, édition 2013

Awards:  2d place in Motion Feature story, POYi (Pictures of the Year international) – 2015
Gold Medal Multimedia Project, CPOY (College Photographer of the Year) – 2014