Uganda, SE4ALL

In May 2015 we went to Uganda to shoot material for the UN Sustainable Energy For All Initiative (SE4ALL). For three days we worked closely together with Reuters photographer James Akena and Gloria Angel Nanyonjo from Solar Sister. During our stay we visited many energy deprived villages and smaller communities around the city of Masaka, 3 hours south east of Kampala. The region there is incredibly lush and beautiful but also quite poor. Many families cannot afford to cover basic energy needs and few villages had resources to buy solar lamps. As a result many children are left with no other option than to collect biomass for cooking and study by polluting kerosene lamps in the evenings.

Our work with EnAct for SE4ALL will be published in October with the public launch of their Clean Energy Is Life campaign.


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This family in rural Uganda were able to buy a small solar lamp. The children are now able to study at night

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In many developing countries household- and farmwork rely on females. Collecting biomass and cooking takes time and deprives girls from attending school

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