In a small Ukrainian village not far from Kiev, people from across three generations – Katja, Stephan and Maria – are finding ways to cope after the government increased natural gas prices by 280%, literally over night. Fuel poverty can affect anyone.

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Produced for EnAct / /
A film by Simon Sticker & Poul Madsen / Bombay Flying Club /
Fixer: Sergiy Polezhaka /
Translator: Olga Petrash
Executive Director: Marilyn Smith

Music by Kai Engel /
Licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

With special thanks to:
Katerina, Stephan & Maria Nykonyvna
The Polezhaka family

With support from Rockwool International

EnAct (The Energy Action Project) is a non-profit organization investigating solutions that could improve energy access – and the barriers that are blocking progress.