When government security forces of South Sudan on December 15, 2013 massacred hundreds (some say ‘thousands’) of opposition tribesmen from the Nuer tribe following a shootout during an assembly of the ruling SPLM party, the Worlds’ youngest nation was immediately propelled into the depths of the World’s latest civil war.
18 months later almost 2 million refugees were internally displaced and another 400.000 had sought refuge outside South Sudan.
As the crisis escalated the hallmarks of disaster began to emerge: famine, cholera, atrocities – hate.
In the early spring of 2015, Bombay Flying Club set out to see if the circle of violence could be broken. The result is ‘Chronicle of a Predictable Disaster.

Filming & photography: Henrik Kastenskov

Additional photography: Jacob Zocherman

Sound Design: Claus Haargaard

Editing: Henrik Kastenskov


Supported by a grant from Doctors Without Borders