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by Kastenskov I never know exactly when it happens – but sometimes I know that it’s under way. And today it just did. That odd, deeply gratifying feeling of something, an idea, that just might evolve into a great story or part of a story. Sometime ago I read in film magazine that film editors…

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Screen shot from “1440 Days”. Photo by Annette Streicher. One of the things I like about the web documentary format is that it is much more a cinematic format. It can lend itself to comedy, drama, epic – or in this case the poetic story and still retain it’s journalistic and documentary ethic. Case at…

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As Friday turns into night here in Sarajevo at the 6th Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, I came to think of captain Edward Smith of the RMS Titanic (RIP). Let me try to explain why. The web documentary class has always been the last class to submit their material prior to Saturday’s festive evening screening. Primarily because…

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Canon 5D III raw video…

I want to write a few words about the recently announced and much hyped raw feature from the amazing Magic Lantern team. Although the firmware still seems to be in an early phase, I was completely blown away when I saw the first sample videos coming out from the camera just a few weeks ago.…

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As teachers of workshops we see our fair amount students’ trails, errors and success. We’ve seen incredible dedication, we’ve seen tears of joy and frustration and we’ve encountered hand-to-hand combat (well, almost…). Having taught workshops worldwide since 2009 we (very) roughly see between 50-100 new students a year. The quality of the work being done…

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Berlin Fotofestival

We are really excited that Uwe’s “White Gold”-project was selected for Berlin Fotofestival’s multimedia special “Explore New Media”. “White Gold” will be featured with nine films and be on display from June 13th-18th. If you are in Berlin check it out.  

Short interview with Uwe H. Martin

If you happen to speak or understand German here is a short interview with team member Uwe H. Martin from the Deutsche Reporter Forum 2013.

New NGO presentation online

We have just published a new booklet and presentation about our work for a variety of international NGOs. The book showcases 3 different profile stories and information about our production, training and post production services. Feel free to download a copy and share!

Soooooooo exited!

We’re very, VERY proud to announce that Poul just landed 1st prize in POYi in the prestigious Multimedia Documentary Category for his beautiful story from Ethiopia, “Serving The Whole Person”. Funded entirely out of own pocket, Poul went to Ethiopia almost to the date a year ago, to seek out Erik Erichsen, a danish doctor…

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We are (once again) nominated for our work at the Danish Picture of The Year and it is a good feeling. It always is. And it is neither because of the prestige or the prize money (that may follow). It is a good feeling because it reminds us that what we do is right. It…

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